Frequently Asked Questions

How many SYSTEMS can I deploy YOUR templates ONto?

Each license permits a single use/single client deployment of the template. If you would like to purchase bulk licenses, please contact us for pricing and bulk license discount information.

My client requires some controls that aren't in the template. Can I modify the template?

For the sake of keeping our Intuitiv experiences consistent and cohesive across the board, in terms of adding new interface elements and manipulating the user interface layout itself, our templates are not modifiable. We've worked hard to ensure that our templates cover a wide range of the most common integration controls and we aim to provide a holistic, cohesive, consistent and familiar user interface for all users. We've taken into account usability principles, user experience heuristics and our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise designing and programming interfaces across hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes.

Standard relative information about your system, such as load names, room names, any naming conventions, zones, sources, etc. are all completely unique and customizable by your programmer/integrator. These are always modifiable.

We realize and understand that every integration project, design and deployment is unique, so we are more than happy to work with you to design + program any add-ons, modifications or changes to any interface elements, within reason, to be included as part of your template purchase. We can assure you that the template covers most use-cases for small, medium and large integration projects, but please communicate to us your specific needs so that we can determine how to best accomodate you. We want you to be excited about about your templates and rest assured that we are committed to ensuring that you're able to deliver the best experience possible for your clients.

For extensive changes to the template that go beyond "within reason", we will be happy to design + program those for an additional charge or design a completely custom system from the ground up. Pricing for additional controls or interface elements will vary and will ultimately be determined by your specific needs and requests.


If you are an integrator and wish to deploy the template to multiple clients/systems, please contact us for more information on bulk licenses and pricing.

My client wants a unique control interface specific to them. Do you design custom interfaces?

We are proud to offer completely bespoke, custom interface solutions for a unique, one-of-a-kind control experience for yourself or your clients. For larger, more intricate/complex systems, a custom interface system solution is more appropriate to give the end user complete, entirely-tailored control of their home integration and satisfy their unique visual interface design preferences.

I would love to have this in my home, but I don't have an integrator. can you help?

We can absolutely help! We will be more than happy to sync with one of our Verified Dealers that will work with you to discuss your home integration needs and preferences and assist you in deploying the interface in your home.

Will you help me deploy MY template?

The Intuitiv team will always be available to answer any questions and provide support while you deploy your template package. If necessary, project-specific Crestron programming can be added at an additional cost. Contact us about what you need and we'll work together to determine what works best for your individual deployment situation.


You bet! Our interfaces look absolutely gorgeous on Crestron's new, high-resolution touch panels and we've ensured that the graphics are optimized for the higher pixel density on the 70-Series panels. We're as excited about them as you are!

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