Intuitiv and Wenner Group's Partnership Results in a World-Class UI Upgrade

February 3, 2023

Intuitiv relies on verified partners to deliver world-class UIs worldwide, and when local clients need UI upgrades, they turn to their sister company, Wenner Group. Learn more about Wenner and their recent CH5 UI upgrade in the 'Tweed Residence' on Central Vancouver Island.

February 3, 2023

Intuitiv and Wenner Group's Partnership Results in a World-Class UI Upgrade

Intuitiv, a leading provider of UI solutions, is proud to partner with verified partners like Wenner Group to deliver top-notch user experiences worldwide. Recently, the Wenner Group deployed Intuitiv's Tahoe CH5 UI upgrade at the prestigious 'Tweed Residence' in Central Vancouver Island, and the results were impressive.

Who is Wenner Group?

Specializing in high-end residential spaces, Wenner Group focuses on waterfront estates across Vancouver Island and the outlying Gulf Islands. The 'Tweed Residence' is a tiered, 10-acre oceanfront estate that features a detached car lounge, custom pool and spa, and fully automated lighting, shading, HVAC, security, home access, pool/spa, wine cellar, and AV.

Why the Intuitiv Tahoe CH5 UI was the right fit

The Intuitiv Tahoe CH5 UI is one of the first commercially available Crestron CH5 UI's on the market. When Wenner approached us with this specific project in mind, we knew the Tahoe would be a perfect fit. With a homeowner who wanted to be on the bleeding edge of technology and an estate property with every conceivable subsystem Crestron supports, we were confident that the Tahoe would exceed the client's expectations from a day-to-day user experience standpoint.

Intuitiv Deployment Process

Working closely with the Wenner team, we were able to pull in the existing back-end Crestron code and marry it to the front-end CH5 UI program with very little alteration or customization. Naming conventions, subsystems, and other elements of the original Crestron SIMPL code seamlessly populated, affording Wenner a far smoother upgrade process than originally anticipated, considering the newness of the Crestron CH5 technology.

Continuously Striving to Provide Top-of-the-Line User Experiences

The Intuitiv team is continuously striving to provide the highest quality UI templates to all of the organization's verified partners. The Tahoe CH5 Crestron template that the Wenner team utilized in their 'Tweed Residence' project is the most advanced, cutting-edge Crestron interface available anywhere in the world. By leveraging conventional web technologies, CH5 allows integrators to deploy touch interfaces that are on par with today's most popular mobile and web applications — from mind-blowing interactions to stunning visual interface designs that have never been done with VT-Pro.

Join Intuitiv's Verified Partners Today

All of Intuitiv's verified partners are privy to preferred pricing and receive 'First In Line' access to transformative tools and templates that allow any organization to begin delivering world-class design and technology to all of their clients. If you would like to become one of Intuitiv's verified partners or would like to learn more about the services and features Intuitiv has to offer, reach out today to learn more about the exciting and revolutionary designs and technology the Intuitiv platform has to offer.

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